The To-Do List

I make to-do lists all the time, but then I find myself still not getting things done or forgetting I even made a list. Can anyone else relate?! Last week for me was hectic and at the end of every day I was wondering how on earth it was already 10:00pm, stressed that I still didn’t get certain things done, and feeling like there are simply not enough hours in the day. Though it’s easy to become overwhelmed and simply blame the fact that “I don’t have enough time” I realized I needed to face the fact that maybe I wasn’t using my time wisely.

Going into this week I still made my handy dandy to-do list but remembered the importance of PRIORITIZING the things on that list. I also wrote a schedule for some of the things I need to get done. I already feel less stressed and honestly more motivated. When I just have a giant list of things to do but don’t focus on what’s important to get done and what can wait until later, I end up doing the simple tasks that could have been put off, put off the important things, and then go into panic mode and decided maybe I’ll just take a nap and not deal with any of this. I know I’m not the only one. Don’t lie.

When the list is prioritized to what’s important it helps me to stay calm and excited to tackle the projects that matter. Sometimes the projects that are important, are also a little scary, but it’s because they’re something that will eventually bring something good. It’s a vicious circle. Hopefully you’re still following me.

If you haven’t written your to-do list for this week yet, get it done today! After writing your list prioritize it and give yourself plenty of time to make sure that the big important things get done. Then sprinkle in the smaller tasks where you have a spare 20 minutes here and there. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed at this point, then maybe you’re giving yourself too much to do. If that is the case, then remember you’re not super human (as much as you might want to be) and figure out what can be taken off that list for now. Your body also needs proper rest in order to function and complete the things on your list. We’re back to that whole vicious circle thing.

And if you wake up Wednesday morning still kicking ass on the list but crawling on all fours trying to get over that hump day (see what I did there) then I suggest a large coffee to help tackle the list as well. Because coffee makes everything better 😉


One thought on “The To-Do List

  1. i use a small ring binder with a separate page for each task. i can rearrange the tasks as their priority changes, or rip them out when they have been completed.

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