to the one who’s scared of the gym

I can remember when I first started going to a gym how terrified I was to walk in. The conversation in my head went a little something like this….”What if my gym outfit isn’t trendy enough because it isn’t lululemon?  How do you move the seat on this machine? WTF is this machine even for? Am I doing this right? Is there a right way to even do this? Is it suppose to hurt? Oh god everyone in here is staring at me. It’s because I’m doing this wrong isn’t it? Or is it because I have swass again?! Oh god I can’t do this, ABORT MISSION!!”

Sound familiar?

As I grew farther along in my fitness journey I learned a little secret, I wasn’t the only one who felt like this the first few times walking into the gym. Though I don’t think I would call myself an expert I’m going to toot my own horn for a second and say trust me with what I’m about to tell you because I do actually know what I’m talking about for once.

Nobody is actually staring at you. And if they are it’s probably because your ass looks great in those spandex.

Nobody cares what outfit you’re working out in….except you. Cute workout clothes make you feel a little more motivated? Wear them. You feel better in sweat pants and a baggy tee? Perfect. Wear whatever clothes make you want to workout.

Nobody knows how to move the seat on that machine. It’s ok. Move on.

Queen of swass here. And my motto is if my butt isn’t sweaty by the time I leave the gym, then I didn’t work hard enough. You’re probably going to sweat in some places you may wish to stay unnamed. Own it my friends.

My point is all the insecurities we build in our head, are just nonsense we are telling ourselves out of fear. Every single time you walk into a gym you should do so with your head held high because you’re doing something great for yourself. I don’t care if you’re walking on the treadmill, going to zumba, or bench pressing 400 pounds. Every single person in every single gym you walk into is equal. And there is NO reason that fear should ever be the reason that you didn’t workout today.