My Nightly Routine

It’s a weeknight. You’ve worked all day. Haven’t been home, and just want to crawl in bed and watch Netflix. I feel you. We all know how important the mornings are for our day. How what we do/our mood in the morning often creates a snowball effect for how the rest of our day is going to go. But something not always realized is how much of a difference the night before can make on the next day.

I wanted to share with you guys my nightly routine during the week. The things I do every night to help take care of myself and make sure I’m setting myself up for success the next day.

First. I usually eat my 5th meal (dinner) around 5:30 and get home from work about 8:30. Some days I’m hungry again by the time I get home so I’ll eat first thing. I try to keep this meal/snack higher in protein and lower in carbs, just because I don’t really need the carbs since I’ll be going to bed soon! Wanting something quick I will usually just heat up one of my protein options I prepped for the week (example: a turkey burger), or make a protein shake/smoothie. My favorite smoothie for this time is a chocolate peanut butter smoothie!

Second. I will shower, or take a long hot bubble bath (depending on the day I just had lol) wash my face, and brush my teeth! All of this helps me to unwind and get into bed time mode.

Third. Any meals I’m going to be bringing to work with me the next day I will make sure are packed and ready to go. I also get my gym bag packed. I will lay out my outfit for the gym, which is what I’ll put on first thing in the morning, and also the outfit that I’ll pack with in my gym bag for what I’m wearing to work.

If you guys are interested in a “what’s in my gym bag” post or video, let me know! I’ll totally do it.

Third. One last scroll through social media! lol. I TRY to do this now so that I don’t grab my phone when I’m laying in the dark and should be sleeping. Some nights it works, and some nights it doesn’t.

Fourth. If I’m wanting to write in my prayer journal then I’ll do it now, and then I do reading! I have a bible reading plan that I’m currently following so I have certain scripture already planned to read. Also I read 10 pages of a good book every day. When I say “good book” I mean either a personal development type book, or something on a topic that’s going to help me be motivated/work toward my goals. I am currently reading a book called “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel. It’s about different business start ups and tips on that.

By packing my meals and gym bag the night before, all the work is done for me so I don’t have much effort to put in when my alarm goes off at 5:45am. I like to do the reading at night because it helps me unwind, plus I feel like I wake up with all that good info fresh in my brain.

Hope some of these tips help you, as always let me know if you have questions!

xoxo AJ


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