Monday Feels


Disclaimer: As a reminder I am not a certified personal trainer or nutritionist. I am sharing workouts/meal plans that I use personally and have worked for me.

Happy Monday! This mornings workout for me was back and biceps and I just wanted to share it incase anyone was interested!

This week I want to remember to start of each day with intention. My intention for today is to focus on happiness, and remember to find joy in the little things. My intention for the week is to spend my time more wisely. Rather than spending my free time watching way too many episodes of Friends, I want to use it to do something that will help me grow, and make me happy. It’s important to have these thoughts when starting out our days and weeks because we can easily get so caught up in the little stuff that’s not important, that we forget to focus on the good.

ALSO if you haven’t yet seen Kathie Lee Gifford’s return to the today show talking about the death of Frank then oh my goodness you have to watch because it’s amazing. <—watch it here!


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