young and in love

I see all these posts online, no matter which social media site I’m on, with these jokes like “everyone on Facebook is getting married or pregnant and I’m over here getting more awesome”….whatever that’s suppose to mean. Today I received the comment that “I am too young to be in such a serious relationship.” My love life shouldn’t be anyone else’s business, but I can’t seem to bite my tongue any longer. It’s time someone sticks up for the girls that are young and in love.

I’m only 21. I said only because I realize that I am young. I realize I probably don’t know as much as I think I do, and there is still so much life ahead of me. I firmly believe that before you can love someone else, you must first love, and really get to know yourself. I do not believe that it’s impossible for me to do so at a young age.

I also believe that in this life everyone has a role in God’s story. Everyone’s life is going to be different. The way I live my life is probably very different than everyone’s vision of what you think the life of most 21 year olds would look like. I happened to meet the man I am dating now when I was 18. He was my first serious boyfriend, as I never really dated in high school. As of now we have been together almost 3 1/2 years. If I had met him when I was 25 and dated for the 3 years people would be asking why we aren’t married yet, but because I’m only 21 apparently I shouldn’t even be thinking about it. Already we have gone through many difficult things together, things that would have torn a lot of people apart, but we came out of it stronger than ever. I can say that he is truly my best friend. I was lucky enough to meet this man at only 18. I realize this is a rare case. Many people don’t meet the one they want to spend their life with until much later on in life. That’s the beauty of everyone’s story being different, but if I have found that person now, and I know he’s the one I want to spend my life with then why is it wrong for me to make that commitment? Why should I have to wait, and put it off? In my opinion life is too short for that.

I can’t stand when people associate marriage with “being tied down.” What is that?! My boyfriend and I have interests that we share. Interests such as we like to travel, we love hiking/the outdoors, he loves to race motorcycles and I love to watch. I can promise that just because we are married one day this is not going to change. I don’t think of marriage as “being tied down” or “settling down”. The way I see it I have someone I get to share all of my exciting experiences with, and I can promise my life will still be just as exciting.

If you spend your 20’s single and don’t think about marriage until your late 30’s that’s great! I love that everyone’s story is so unique. But just because someone is in love and committed when they’re young doesn’t mean it’s wrong, and who are you to judge anyway.